My First Henna Ever

by Roxanne C.

I finally got the chance to get a henna done on my hand after so many years since my St. Nicholas days. I remember during those times, when we had fun fairs and fund raising events, there would always be a booth where the arts students would do henna for others. I don’t know exactly why I didn’t get any done then. Maybe I was saving my ticket stubs for yummy food or games. Anyway, the 1st of July that just passed saw me celebrating my first ever Canada Day and just for memory’s sake, I queued for a really long time at the henna booth. Here it is:

How do you like it

A close-up

I loved the design! It looked like a lace glove, don’t you think? The lady added sparkles on top of it for me too but of course it fell off with the other brown-green stuff when it dried up. I’d so do henna again another time when I can. =)

On my lips that day, to fit the happy mood, I had on my M.A.C. Petals & Peacocks lip colour and my Light’N Shine Lip Glaze from Gosh Cosmetics. Pretty!

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heavenlygorgeous July 8, 2010 - 10:17 am

It's very nice! And i agree with you that it kind of looks like a lace glove. :thumbsup:

lacedivory July 9, 2010 - 7:20 am

heavenlygorgeous: thanks babe!

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