Latest Rave: Sheer Romance by La Senza

by Roxanne C.

I spent a long time at a La Senza store in Saint John when I was making a quick one-day shopping trip in the midst of a frisbee tournament that I was attending. They had all these sprays, lotions and shower gels on sale at a rack and my friend and I just had to get something because they smelled so good! This was what I got (she got herself a body lotion and a shower gel):

Sheer Romance Ultra Moisturising Body Lotion by La Senza

The packaging is so pretty! The bottle is off-white and the flowers are pink! I love pink! It’s so girly. There is a fragrance and it smells heavenly floral. The best part? I haven’t had any allergic reactions to it, which is awesome because I have such sensitive skin. Gonna be neglecting my Vaseline for a while now…

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