Dorothy Perkins’ Fall/Winter 2010 Advertorial Campaign

by Roxanne C.

I was alerted by Fashion Fast Forward Singapore‘s Facebook page about Dorothy Perkins’ FW 2010 collection. Here are some pictures, which remind me of an advertorial by Nokia some years ago about the swirl phone with floral patterns on it.


For some reason, after looking at the first picture and taking in all the pretty details in the setting, I decided I don’t quite like the dress. Paisley somehow reminds me of the SIA Girl and old ah mas. And overall, I think I like the backgrounds and photoshop more than the clothes featured in all of the pictures. What do you think?

A little note about the makeup for this spread: Note how a bright pink lip colour would NOT go well with the theme. Thus, always remember to choose your colours wisely when you are deciding on your overall outfit/look for the day/night!

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