What’s in That Perfume

by Roxanne C.


Another less-known fact (following my article on What’s in That Lipstick): Ambergris is used in perfume. And what exactly is ambergris? To put it bimbotically, it’s whale puke. No, yes. I’m not kidding you and it is vomit from the sperm whale.

I’m not sure if it is used in ALL perfumes but it has been employed in this industry for as long as possible. I would like to believe that no whales have ever been harmed to obtain ambergris ever since it got into the ingredient list but I am not that certain, especially when things like Dolphin Cove arise. The main way of obtaining it though, assuming most “ambergris-men” are moral, is to collect stray ambergris floating on seas and off ocean coasts.

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