Swatch: Miss Nail Polish in 7 Secrets

by Roxanne C.

This is a quick post, to show you a swatch of one of the three Miss nail polishes I had received in the mail. Out of the three colours I got, I decided to try this one out first and I really like it!

Miss nail polish in 7 Secrets

The colour belongs to their Sation collection and is a champagne with tiny sparkle bits. It looks better under the sun because the sparkle bits show up in different colours like blue, red and green! This shade deserves a post on its own because it totally suits the winter season as compared to the other two, which are more summery. Though, Sation will be having a new look for Summer 2011, so do keep a look out for it! I’ll do a swatch of the other two really soon!

The three polishes

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