Review: Skin79’s Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream Triple Function (Pink Label) SPF 25 PA++

by Roxanne C.

I got this in a small tube as a free gift when I bought something off eBay the other time and tried it out once. Here’s a review of the BB cream that everyone’s raving about.

Skin79's Summer Collection Triple Function Super+ BB Cream

This BB cream is a 10-in-1 solution to skin problems, namely whitening, improving wrinkles, moisturising, controlling sebum and UV protection (both UVA & UVB). The ingredients include Arbutin, Tangering Oil, Phyto-Complex, Adenosine, Osmopur and Ceramide 3. More information on its usage and some Before & After pictures can be found here.

– The packaging is LOVE! As you know, hot pink is my favourite colour so this product’s beats everything else’s. I’d buy this to carry around as an accessory if only it’d worked wonders for me.

– I also like the fact that there are so many advantages of using this BB cream. Just the ingredient list alone makes me feel luxurious using it.

– The product contains SPF 25 PA++ and protects the skin against not only UVA rays but also UVB ones.

– It broke me out! Just after one usage, I got quite a bit of white heads and some red spots. I suppose it’s too strong for me.

I had really high hopes for this product because not only does it have so many great ingredients which do many nice things to our skin, the packaging is also super pretty and girly. The consistency is thicker than Dior’s Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup Liquid Foundation but I find that although it covers redness well, the overall coverage isn’t as much as Dior’s. Because it broke me out, I won’t be using it again and the search for more great skin care products continues!

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Alexis Cheong April 12, 2011 - 3:17 pm

Hey! I was actually thinking of checking out the Skin79 BB cream cos it was used in someone's youtube video and looked quite good! was thinking of going to watsons to check it out. if u are not using the sample already maybe can pass it to me! don't let it go to waste..heh. let me know!

Escapism April 12, 2011 - 3:46 pm

Thanks for sharing. Was thinking of trying this brand out and your review certainly helps.

lacedivory April 12, 2011 - 4:23 pm

Alexis Cheong: Oh, I threw it away this morning! Sorry. Perhaps you could try The Sample Store? I have a friend who's using it. If you don't have sensitive skin, I think this is worth a try!
Escapism: Thanks! Are you going to get this?

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