Girl Powder for the Sporty Girl and More

by Roxanne C.


Girl Powder is a company that started out in California as an “online ride share message board for women to connect with one another to gain safer passageways to the mountains in Lake Tahoe.” I recently caught news of their lip gloss and lip balm range, meant specially for girls out there who love sports, especially those who are into mountain and winter activities (Pssst! Did you read my skin care tips for skiing?).



Girl Powder's Lip Balm.


The Active Lip Gloss comes in three flavours – Strawberry, Pineapple and Bubblegum – and contains shea butter, vegetable oils and minerals for lip smacking goodness while you enjoy having fun outdoors. The Mango Ginger Lip Balm, on the other hand, is meant for skiers and snowboarders so winter girls can play at ease!


In other news, Clinique‘s come up with a new version of their Almost Lipstick that contains both the original lipstick and an additional lip gloss with SPF 15. The shade remains the same of Black Honey. Would you be getting this new sister?


Madonna and daughter Lola have come up with a new range of nail polishes for their Material Girl Line. There are a total of ten colours to pick from, including shades like red, nude, hot pink, green and navy blue. Finishes are in creme, glitter and metallic. The collection hits Macy’s on August 15.


If you’re going camping but would still like to look put together, take a break and read Camping Must-haves. You’ll find out what 5 beauty items you’ll need to look good while in the woods!


Want to get some lean-looking legs? Pilates can help and Alisa Wyatt can show you just how. And that’s all for news bits!


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