Haul: Bourjois’ Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick

by Roxanne C.


Bourjois' Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick in Rose Innocence.


I took me all about 2 minutes. I was in the mood for some new makeup item but I wasn’t quite sure what to get. OPI’s nail colours were the first on my mind but they are so expensive here, costing about 13€ a bottle. Then I chanced upon Bourjois’ counter in Monoprix and browsed through their lipsticks. In a matter of seconds, I decided I would get the Sweet Kiss Naturel Lipstick in shade 11 Rose Innocence.


I’ve yet to try it but I know me – it won’t take long before I stash it aside after using it 5 times. So far I like what I see: a natural rosy pink color with a matte finish. I know, it sounds very much like the Revlon one I have. But as I mentioned, I haven’t tried it out so I can’t compare which one I prefer at this point. Review might be coming up shortly!


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