Haul & Introduction: Manufaktura’s Hand Cream and Body Butter

by Roxanne C.

In this second last entry about items I got in the Czech Republic, I’m featuring a pair of hand cream and body butter from one of Czech’s local brand, Manufaktura. The one thing I love about travelling is that I get to try out beauty products that are not readily available anywhere else and/or exclusive to the place alone. Manufaktura is one such brand. Heck, I’ve never even heard of it before coming to Bohemia!


Everything comes in a brown paper bag.


Wine hand cream and body butter.


A closer look at the package.


The hand cream was meant as a gift for my mother. You know, they say beauty starts young but when you have a mother who takes care of her skin religiously, you’re sure to follow suit too! My mother has skin so soft (even softer than mine and I’m not kidding) and she uses a hand and foot cream (plus socks) every night before bed so I thought this would make a good present.


The thing that caught my attention about Manufaktura was first of all it’s origin and the ingredients used to make their products. I stepped in the shop (I apologise for not having taken a picture of it but the shop along Golden Lane was too cute and I got immediately distracted) because there was a sign outside it with a picture of some of its products and a slogan saying something about traditional beer cosmetics. Now, wine and beer are traditional Czech products so to use it in beauty items is something that comes naturally and you just don’t doubt that. Wine products are great for cellulite treatment and that was why I left the store with a body butter as well. Actually, Manufaktura’s packaging looks very honest overall and has no airs about it. To compare, maybe you could say it is kind of like Crabtree & Evelyn’s but not as expensive and posh. If I didn’t have a tight budget and limited baggage allowance, I would have bought much, much more than just these two creams.


Manufaktura also does not test on animals and this earns it brownie points. Apart from body butters and hand creams, they also have tons of other skin care products like bath salts, foot creams, facial moisturisers and even a Dead Sea line. Most of the items are hand made too.


I’ve yet to try the body butter because I’m waiting for the bug bites at the back of my thighs to heal. At the moment, I’m applying triclosan and even skipping out on my Nivea Goodbye Cellulite Gel Cream. My mum, though, has started using the hand cream and it smells really sweet and nice, yet not overpoweringly so. I have high hopes for this butter!

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