Haul & Introduction: Botanicus | Hortus & Apothicus’ Rose Eyeline Night Cream

by Roxanne C.

This is the final installment of my blog entries about things related to the Czech Republic. On my way back to Lyon from Prague, at the duty free section of the airport, I came across a cute little boutique selling more traditional Bohemian beauty products. So I checked it out.


The name is Botanicus | Hortus & Apothicus. Products here include skin care, bath and shower items like creams, gels and soaps. I immediately knew I had to get something or regret it for the rest of my life. Or until I come across Botanicus | Hortus & Apothicus again (I get a kick out of saying the name). Since I had already gotten an anti-cellulite body butter and my Clinique All About Eyes was starting to run out, I decided I would get an eye cream.


Enter the world of Botanicus.


Too precious to unwrap.


On the box’s description of the eye cream, it says, “An enriched vanishing cream – delicately fragranced with Sandalwood and Rose oils – containing active levels of Peach kernel oil blended with moisturising distilled rose-water to soothe and soften eyeline tissues. Apply very sparingly until absorbed by the skin and remove excess with a soft cotton wool pad.”


Everything from Botanicus | Hortus & Apothicus is organic and made from natural ingredients cultivated in a farm in a small little town called Ostra. To me, this is super exotic. Where else can one find an eye cream that smells like bandung, is organic, Bohemian, certified natural and has a brand name that consists of a vertical? To add to that, I tried it on at the store and it turned my skin so smooth. I’m completely sold.


If you can read Czech, or have Google Translate, their website is at Botanicus.cz (contains pictures of the organic gardens and manufacturing process). Personally, I am for organic products because I have come to realise that they are actually better than harsh chemicals developed in laboratories and have less negative side effects. I haven’t tried this one yet but I also hope it will be a great product like the rest!


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