Announcements: The SOFF Challenge, Blog Entries & MAJOR Giveaway Coming Soon!

by Roxanne C.

Hello! It’s great of you to stop by. Today I’ll be making some announcements on the blog, all of which I am very excited to give.




SOFF banner

I have decided to embark on a personal challenge to improve my health. Have you seen the S.O.F.F. Challenge banner on the right sidebar yet? Well, S.O.F.F. stands for “Stave off Fast Food.” That’s right! I am going to be reducing my fast food intake starting from now and I hope that within the next 6 months, I will have permanently banished it from my life forever! I aim to no longer feel the need to indulge in burgers and fries at fast food joints by the end of April 2012.


Fast food is bad for health and every time I munch into that evil source of instant gratification, I end up suffering just days later. Cholesterol increases with the amount of fast food you eat and your internal systems work harder to digest the food that, well, sometimes just cannot be digested. Your heart pumps harder, your arteries get clogged. You can’t see this happening with your naked eye, of course, so what you observe are pimples all over your face or flabs starting to form.


Would you like to join me in this challenge to fight for a better body? Download the banner and put it up on your own site to share the news!




From today onwards, all my blog entries will have something random at the end. It could be anything under the sun: New makeup collections, clothes, shoes, bags, tea cups, muffins, Vespas, vintage hats, babies in Halloween costumes… etc. As long as it’s pink and cute, or something really beautiful, meaningful or exotic, I’ll put it up to add some spice to my entries! I also figured that in doing this, you might get to know a little more about me as an individual rather than just as a beauty blogger.


Also, if you, my dear readers, have something pink you’d like to share on the blog, mail a picture of it to me and wait to see it featured here. Start sending in your pink love today!




I’m really excited about this one. Maybelline Singapore has decided to do a giveaway here on my blog and I think this is the biggest giveaway Laced Ivory has seen yet. 10 lucky winners will each walk away with a Maybelline goodie bag worth SGD$50!!! I have not decided on the exact date of the giveaway but do follow the blog to receive updates on it!



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