Review: Makeup Forever’s Multi Loose Powder

by Roxanne C.


Makeup Forever's Multi Loose Powder.


A closer look.


When you attend a concert, there’s almost always an intermission. This entry is my form of a break in between the Maybelline series of entries in case you get bored and want to read about something else.


I have here a stack of Multi Loose Powder from Makeup Forever. I had bought these around the end of 2009 and they’re still in good condition. The shades are, from top to bottom, No. 20, 16, 14 and 12 with No. 20 being the darkest and 12 being the lightest. The only shades I use on myself are the middle two, depending on how I feel about the way I look on the particular day.


The first thing I noticed about the powder is that it doesn’t really have coverage because it’s meant to be used over foundation as a finishing touch. I apply it with my EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush over my slightly moisturised face. The powder is mattifying and I really like how it allows my skin to breathe from start to end, even after hours of having it on. It doesn’t ever cake and it gives my skin an extremely smooth and natural-looking finish (I had to stop myself from stroking my face because that just seems weird). The particles are really fine and spread evenly throughout. The product, however, gave me red patches on my face with continuous use, most probably a result of an allergic reaction.


In addition, I noticed that the powder also has a somewhat reflective property. This means that my skin actually looks more radiant and appears brighter in photos which are taken with flash. Any blemish is cleverly shielded from showing up clearly in pictures, even though they might be easy to spot in real life. The only other complain I have with this powder is that it does not contain SPF. I recommend this product to makeup artists because of the versatility, shades and the wonderful finish it gives, but it should not be used on sensitive skin or skin that suffers from dermatitis.



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