Tutorial: Putting on False Eyelashes

by Roxanne C.

Putting on false eyelashes can be a daunting first experience for some. It might seem complicated but actually, once you get the hang of it, it’s not really that hard. The most difficult part, which isn’t so difficult unless you’ve got really huge fingers, is holding onto the lashes themselves. Now let’s take a look at the things you’ll need and how to put them falsies on.


Things you'll need: Falsies, eyeliner, tweezers and glue.


There are just a few things you should have beside you other than a mirror. Apart from the lashes and glue, it’s always good to have a pair of tweezers and an eyeliner. The eyeliner should preferably be a liquid one. If you’re a beginner towards liners, try something with a felt tip so that it’s easier to use. When you purchase a pair of lashes, it may or may not come with a tube of glue. The one I use is a pink tube from Spring Heart.


Spring Heart Eyelash Fix.


This glue is white in colour but turns transparent once it dries. I haven’t had any allergic effects from using it so perhaps you could get this one too. The glue can be found in Watsons Singapore. As for lashes, I recommend either Shu Uemura‘s lashes (splurge) or Ardell‘s lashes (budget with quality). Both can be found in Sephora Singapore.


Once you have everything at hand, the first thing you’ll need to do is apply the glue onto the lash strip. Start from either end of one lash and apply the glue all the way till the other end. Be careful not to squeeze out too much from the tube because then the glue will take a long time to dry.


You can use a pair of tweezers for better hold, if it works for you this way.


I prefer using my fingers to hold the lash while applying the glue from one end to the next.


In the middle but don't stop there. Spread the glue evenly as you go along.


That's one lash done!


After applying the glue, wait for about 20 – 30 seconds for the glue to start drying, so that it will stick on better to your lids once you put it on. You can blow on it if you want, but do so gently. Next, using a pair of tweezers for better control, apply the lashes as close to your lash line as possible, starting from the outer end of your eye (nearer to the temples) towards the inner end (nearer to the nose). Try your best not to leave a gap or space between the false lashes and your natural lashes. Adjust the lash until it’s in place and then wait for it to dry. Depending on the glue that you use, the glue should become invisible once dried.


Don't wait for too long before applying the lashes. This is almost-dried glue.


If you find that the lashes are too long for your eye width, you can trim the edges off with a pair of scissors. Also, if you find that there is some skin showing between the false lashes and your natural lashes, use the eyeliner to fill it up. With practice, you’ll find that soon you won’t need the liner anymore. To remove the lashes, don’t ever pull them off since it can damage the skin underneath. Instead, use makeup remover or warm water to slowly dissolve the glue. This will allow the lashes to fall off gently without you having to tug at them.


I hope this tutorial helps!




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