Maybelline Giveaway Winners

by Roxanne C.

A while back, I held a Maybelline giveaway on the blog. The giveaway ended over the weekend and the winners have been selected! Here are the lucky ones:


1) Serene Koh (Kasuke91)

2) Isabelle (Tilltheendd)

3) Seah Jia En

4) Chris Loke

5) Krystal (Cheryluh12)

6) Apple

7) Cheryl

8) Irene Soh

9) Shanon

10) Qian Ting


Congratulations to all ten of you! You each win yourself a goodie bag filled with S$50 worth of Maybelline products! I’ve sent you an email to confirm your win, so check your mailboxes. In the meantime, for those of you who didn’t get the Maybelline goodie bag, you can take part in my Sleek giveaway happening right now, also on the blog.


Gosh, I love having giveaways. I’ll probably have one once a month? What do you think about that? Let me know!





"Let's decide the fate of this giveaway thing (via {link url=""}GeminiGypsy{/link})."