Dea Rosa’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

by Roxanne C.

Dea Rosa, an Italian brand of luxury handbags, recently launched their Fall/Winter 2011 Collection and invited me to write about my favourites from the collection. All the bags in this season were inspired by founder and creative director Andria Mitsakos’ trip to Cambodia where she used the mossy greens and deep jungle browns of Angkor Wat as a base for the designs. I’ve been to Cambodia myself and I must say that Siem Reap is indeed a city rich in history and you can definitely draw lots of creative ideas from what you’ll find in the mixed temple ruins of brick and root.


Angkor Wat in the summer of 2009.


Hidden treasures dotted here and there amongst the lush greenery.


Humongous roots drafted over rooftops.


In Dea Rosa’s collection, texture and colour flirt with each other and result in a perfect fit of spiritual harmony. Of all the bags, my favourites have got to be the ones that possess a bright dash of colour and add life to any outfit. Ostrich skin is also a personal favourite even though I’ve yet to own anything of this leather. Check out my top 5!


The Angkor Campari Cashmere.


The Angkor Sardinia Cashmere.


The Angkor Ostrich - my ABSOLUTE favourite of the lot.


The Naga Sardinia - a perfect mix of dark metal and blue.


The Sirena - a great accompaniment for work.


Are you tempted? If you like what you see, head on over to Dea Rosa’s website to check out the entire collection, plus other bags that they have.





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Kathryne December 16, 2011 - 4:55 am

Aloha! Great post and I like the simplicity of your blog layout. Stay fab and keep in touch- Kathryne

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Roxanne Chia December 16, 2011 - 7:25 am

Thanks! Followed you on Twitter too. <3


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