Haul: The Body Shop’s Extra Virgin Minerals™ Foundation Brush

by Roxanne C.

My EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush died on me so I decided to get another one. This time, I bought something that doesn’t have parts that could come off. Introducing The Body Shop’s Extra Virgin Minerals™ Foundation Brush!


The brown paper bag that we're all so used to.


Synthetic goodness.


It's nothing huge but it packs a punch.


The brush is super dense and feels extremely soft. Nothing pokey about it. The handle is short so it may be hard to hold if you’ve got big hands (or if you prefer long handles) but the bristles more than make up for it. It picks up lots of product with each swirl. When you tilt it against the light, you’ll see that it reflects quite a bit – a sign that the bristles are made of synthetic materials.


I hope you like what you see here!





I'd love a bathroom like this via {link url="http://heidiclaire.blogspot.com/2011/09/neutral-subject.html"}HeidiClaire{/link}.