Rave: Paul & Joe’s Eyebrow Powder in 01

January 6, 2012


Pretty packaging on the box.


This is the first-ever brow powder that I’ve ever bought. In the past, before I came upon the idea of filling my brows in, I never thought eyebrow powders were necessary. Then, gradually, I realised with the help of Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder that brows do help to add certain characteristics to one’s face. Fixing my brows with a shade of brown became part of my daily routine and I achieved this for a long time with a brown shadow from my Coastal Scents 88 Original Matte Palette. But it wasn’t good enough because I noticed that the most suitable brown in that palette turned up reddish in pictures. I needed something better. I mulled over getting an Anastasia duo but chanced upon this one from Paul & Joe instead.


The eyebrow powder compact and a tiny brow brush.


Paul & Joe's Eyebrow Powder in Shade 01.


I must say that this brow powder is perfect. I use the darker shade most of the time since my hair is almost black. The lighter shade is pretty as well but it doesn’t give the effect of denser brows that I want. The powder allows for easy blending during application and doesn’t smudge once it’s been applied for quite a while. It’s also quite pigmented so a small compact will last a long time. I will probably repurchase this when the time comes for a new one.





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