The One Makeup Item I Can’t Live Without

by Roxanne C.


Swirl, swirl, puff, puff, puff!


I’m sure everyone has that one makeup item that she/he can’t live without. For me, it’s foundation, no doubt about it. If I suddenly had to drop everything and take a plane to Mongolia in the next one hour, the one makeup item I’d bring is foundation.


Forget the tweezers and the eyeliner. I don’t care if I’m going to look like a caveman when I return in a few weeks’ time. As long as I have the powder puff, I’ll do just fine. The reason being that my skin is super oily, very prone to breakouts and has quite a bit of broken capillaries (rosacea suspected!). With a foundation, I am able to mattify my face and protect it from environmental pollution too. I mean, who cares about my unibrow if my face looks diseased? You can say it’s my staple. At the moment, I’m using Dior’s Diorskin Forever Compact Foundation and I’m loving it a whole lot!


Foundation is pretty convenient, especially when it’s pressed. I can bring it around with me on travels and not have to worry about whether it’s a restricted item onboard. Because it’s in the form of solid particles, I don’t ever have to be wary of it “exploding” on the plane like how toothpaste does. It doesn’t hold a risk of spilling in all the wrong places and even if it cracks and breaks into pieces towards its end, I can still use it as a loose powder!


You can say that foundation is my second skin. It helps to keep my moisturiser and serum in while keeping dirt out, like a shield. It also leaves the impression of a better complexion, which I can very much do with. The Diorskin Forever Compact Foundation even has an essence to nourish my skin while it protects it from the sun. It’s never given me outbreaks and I somehow feel that it actually improves my complexion the more I wear it (review here). Of course, I take it off at the end of the day – who doesn’t?


What about you? What makeup item can you not live without? Tell me in the comments section!





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chayabunny January 28, 2012 - 3:52 pm

I'd have to say the same. My face is really color blotched so foundation evening out my skin is basically the only thing I NEED. I could do without eyeliner or eyeshadow or even lip tint/balm.

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