Picture Perfect Series: Great Hair Every Day

by Roxanne C.


Get picture perfect hair with these simple tips!


Never dismiss hair as something extra that doesn’t matter much with regards to your outer appearance. When we take care of our looks, we usually start with our skin, teeth and then our clothes but we should never neglect our manes of glory because they complete the picture. A pretty girl never looks nice with dry, wiry, frizzy hair so here are some steps to follow when taking care of it, apart from not heading outdoors with a head that’s dripping wet all over.


1) Use a Proper Shampoo

Believe it or not, hair care starts with the shampoo we use daily. Pick one that is just right for your hair type, such as whether it is fine, coarse, limp… or whether you have a dry or oily scalp. Some shampoos have a whole list of beneficial ingredients in them, promised to add vitality and shine (and whatever else) but note that if you use a shampoo that is too rich, it can cause hair loss. If you find that a particular shampoo dries you up, find another one from a different brand altogether. Don’t worry about wastage because you can use the abandoned shampoo for your makeup brushes. Sometimes, shampoo comes jumbo-sized. I always pick the smaller bottle when first trying it out so that I can test it before committing to it. Some good brands are Phyto and Schwarzkopf (if you’re located in Singapore, these brands can also be found here).


2) Condition Your Tresses

Conditioning is what helps to lock moisture in your hair strands so don’t forgo this step. Do this for the lower half of your hair length and keep product away from the scalp because it can be hard to wash off. Personally, I prefer leave-in conditioners because I really don’t have the time to wait for 3 minutes in the shower and then spend the next 5 washing it off properly. What I do is towel dry my hair, let it air for a while till it’s almost dry and then add some essence and hair oil. The hair essence I’m using is Iljin Cosmetics’ Arte Iljin Calon Cortex Essence Hair Serum that contains phyto keratin and camelia oil; and the hair oil I’m using on my ends is Skinfood’s Extra Virgin Olive Essence. This step in a hair care regimen is often underestimated but I must say that it’s the most important one in keeping my hair shiny, smooth and healthy!


3) Skip the Dye if You Can

Dyeing your hair too often results in hair that is lacklustre and dry due to the chemicals used in the process. Refraining from this will help to prolong the life of your hair. If you definitely have to do it, make sure you go to a reputable salon and put your trust in the stylists and the products used there. In my experience, higher end salons generally use products of better quality. If you don’t like the particular brand of hair dye that a salon uses, even if the stylist is great, go to another one. A dye job is not cheap and it would surely be better if you put your money where it’s worth. Anyhow, if you’ve never dyed your hair, it’s best to leave it au naturel unless you’re sure you have the money for touch-ups (and further treatments for dye-damaged hair) every few weeks.


4)  Perfumes are A No-No

Spraying perfume on your hair is not only unnecessary, it also sucks the moisture out of it. I know this could be an issue for some girls, especially office ladies who have to visit hawker centers for lunch and end up stinking of food when they return to work after that. I suggest tying your hair into a bun to prevent as much smell particles from getting to it as possible. If not, just pack food from home. It’s also much healthier this way. Hair perfumes are not that great a problem solver either, so if you can, spend your money elsewhere.


5) Pamper, Pamper, Pamper

Your hair is a part of you so why not give it a little treat now and then? Apart from the hair cutting services of a stylist that you trust, engage in pampering treatments too! These may be a bit pricier than normal but your hair will come out rejuvenated (like your skin after a good spa session) and silky smooth a la Jennifer Aniston. If you have the time, say on weekends, towel-wrap your hair with some hair mask on while you soak in the tub with some champagne, bath oil, and aromatherapy candles burning at the sides. Mmm, bliss.





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