Review: Belif’s Hydra Sebum Control Essence

by Roxanne C.



10ml sample bottle.


I got this as a sample in January 2012’s Bellabox¬†and tried it out a few times. Belif is a Korean brand newly launched in Singapore and the Hydra Sebum Control Essence aims to control excess sebum production, make pores smaller and moisturise the inner layers of the skin while maintaining a matte surface.


The bottle it came in is pretty cute and can fit into any girl’s makeup pouch. The fact that the sample is 10ml means that you can bring it along in your hand carry baggage when travelling overseas. The packaging is simple and is in the form of a pump bottle. The essence is a white lotion that spreads very easily and feels ultra hydrating upon application. It smells kind of like lemon with a hint of your grandmother’s talc powder. My sister likes it; my mum doesn’t. I’m neutral in this.


I’ve used it only less than 5 times. It hasn’t broken me out nor given me any allergic reaction. I’m not sure if it reduces sebum production but it made my skin peel in a few areas, namely the nose and around the cheeks. I’d say use this only if you’ve got very oily skin and skip it if you’ve got normal – dry skin. If you have combination skin, apply this only on the areas that get oily and not at all on the parts that are normal. I probably wouldn’t get this on my own but it was nonetheless a good discovery!





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Image credits: Belif