The February 2012 Bellabox

by Roxanne C.


What's inside this month's box?


The postman delivered this while I was having a very late breakfast one fine Friday. I had to resist opening it before finishing my food. Here’s what was in store for me!


A small card and a note about the products.


All the goodies.


The items this time include:

1) Duchess Marden‘s Body Serum (4ml)

2) Nvey Eco Organic‘s Eyeshadow in Shade 150

3) Pangea Organics‘ Discovery Kit

4) Ansley‘s 3D Shimmer Powder and Blusher (together with a brush)

5) DKNY‘s Pure Verbena (1.5ml)


I’m really happy with this month’s box because there’s makeup on top of skin care! I love discovering new makeup brands and Bellabox has helped me with this this February. Out of all the items, the only things I can’t use are the Pangea Organics Facial Cream, Scrub and Mask samples that come in the discovery kit because they contain alcohol. The kit includes a shower gel sample, which I can take with me on swimming trips! I have to say that the packaging for the samples are lovely.


While the other products are really interesting and I can’t wait to try them out – especially the body serum – I’m most excited about the Ansley 3D Shimmer Powder and Blusher! It’s not a sample product but a full-sized one that costs S$23.90 at normal retail price! Just in time too because I’ve been meaning to find a new blush and what better time to receive this. Apart from the already cracked and broken eyeshadow piece, everything else in this month’s box is better than what I’d expected. So hooray for the fun weeks ahead of playing around with new makeup and body care products!





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