Skincare Dilemma: Dermalotogist or Spa Esthetician?

by Roxanne C.


If only my dressing table looked half as luxe as this.


I’m sure everyone has come across the dilemma of choosing between a dermatologist and a facial salon or therapist when it comes to taking care of our skin. For those of you very lucky ones who’ve got naturally flawless skin, whose condition does not falter even if hailstones pelted down on it, you might never have this tough decision to make. However, for the rest of us, we’d probably have been caught in such a fix at least once in our lives. According to my experience with both, it will always be the dermatologist for me.


Make no mistake, there are some very exceptional facial spas out there but somehow I feel that a visit to the dermatologist always ends up with me having better skin in comparison. Although this could be on the dear side, it seems wiser to trust the professionals when it comes to dealing with my complexion. One way to tell if your esthetician is lacking is the way extractions are done and the after effect. A good one will never leave you looking blotched. Never.  They will also have the good sense and logic to leave your pimples alone and not burst them. The same goes for dermatologists too. Sure, the goofy stuff is gone but you’ll be left with weeks of scarring and nobody wants that.


Comparing the two options based on what you can find out before any visit, dermatologists are usually more professional and qualified than the run-off-the-mill esthetician. They are the ones who’ve dedicated years of education and research on the sole topic of dermatology and the constitution of the skin. They’ve got an abundance of knowledge that most other don’t. They are the ones we call, “Doctor,” and they’re the ones who can prescribe us medication that the therapists cannot. The know if you tell them that you’re allergic to alcohol and when they say a certain product or topical medication does not contain alcohol, it. Does. Not. They know by heart the skin type you have just by looking at you and listening to your problems. They also know the ingredients in beauty products and what each of them does. A good dermie never sells you products with dubious ingredients in them. They understand.


Entrust your skin in good hands.


Sometimes, it can come across that dermatologists are generally more concerned about their patients – and therefore reputation – while facial therapists are more into commission based sales (facial packages, anyone?). To a dermatologist, having a satisfied client is like adding bonus points to one’s resume. While the therapist is focused on the main task for the day, say to remove white heads or to moisturise your skin, the dermatologist ensures that he or she is giving attention to the overall wellbeing of your skin. This means they leave no stones unturned. They listen to your concerns and are able to better cater a treatment that is specific to you to tackle those problems. For example, a therapist from a salon might use the same method for a whitening treatment for all of its clients but a dermatologist is able to utilise various methods for different individuals, all of whom may want whiter skin.


To a certain degree, facial salons can be considered to be the icing on the cake (the cake being the dermatologist clinics, of course). Yet I can’t help feeling that they’re not really necessary. Why would you need to go for the extra stuff, which could  potentially lead to skin problems, when you already have the basic ones taken care of by such capable experts? Besides, if one were to put money on additional skin pampering sessions, dermatologists are more than able to deliver positive results. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend a little more for radiant skin than spend less for neither-here-nor-there skin.


No matter young or old, male or female, people go through great lengths to look good and this comes as no surprise, especially since modern societies draw large emphasis on physical appearances. The key is to know what exactly to invest in and who you can trust to not leave you looking worse for wear just before a big social event. Spend wisely and your skin will thank you for it.





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Another benefit of regular spa visits can include both improved breathing and sleep patterns. When your body doesn't get the necessary rest and nutrients that it needs to function, it can make getting a good night's sleep almost impossible.

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