Tip of the Day: Removing Eye Makeup with Eye Cream and Q-Tips

by Roxanne C.


Removing eye makeup does not need to be a chore.


Question: What do eye cream and Q-tips have in common? Answer: They can both be used to remove eye makeup!


I use a makeup remover to take the day’s gunk off every time. However, sometimes I either have too much stuff around my eyes or I just don’t get enough cleanser to them so the rest of my face is properly cleansed but there will still be eyeshadow stains and mascara particles around my eye area. When this happens, what I do is pat my face dry, dab some eye cream around my eyes where the stains are and then, using a Q-tip (like the one the girl in the picture above is using), I swipe the cotton end across the stains. The leftovers will come off onto the cotton while the eye cream works as an emollient to smooth out the entire experience.


If the next time you remove your eye makeup and are still left with stubborn colour around your peepers, try this method. It works like a charm every time.





Scrap book via {link url="http://www.flickr.com/photos/42311865@N05/5303373028"}Heart Shaped Freckles{/link}.




Image credits: Ciao Beautiful