The Sloane Clinic’s Body Beautiful Event

by Roxanne C.

I attended The Sloane Clinic’s Body Beautiful event last weekend and had a blast! Basically, the workshop talked about the various types of slimming methods used by the clinic for their patients. The three techniques presently used are CoolSculpting, UltraShape and BodyShape by Thermage¬†and the best part is that they’re all non-invasive!


Everyone paying attention.


That's me right there beside Dr. Melvin Tan.


With Dr. Low Chai Ling, who's a great inspiration to me.


Chatting with Dr. Chua Han Boon.


After the presentations and Q&A session, when everyone mingled around.


I honestly had a great time. The presentations by the doctors were really interesting and nostalgic to me. It was scientific, which is what things like this is supposed to be! I mean, you can’t talk about slimming treatments that make use of ultrasound without telling people how it really works under it all. It’s the bare basics! There were all these diagrams and videos (as well as the favourite “before & after” pictures), and they all brought me back to the time when I was in university. Oh man, I love science! Let me tell you a secret: I’ve always dreamt of being a dermatologist and this session with The Sloane Clinic reignited my passion for that. Who knows, maybe one day in the near future I’ll finally get an advanced degree in dermatology and practise privately. I don’t know if it’ll ever come true but if it does, my life would be perfect.





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Image credits: Some pictures taken from The Sloane Clinic’s Facebook page

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