The April 2012 Bellabox: Laura Mercier, Kinohimitsu & More

by Roxanne C.


An overview!


This month’s Bellabox came later than normal because of some packing delays according to the babes at Bellabox. I’m glad it came anyways! The theme for April this year is Flawless Beauty and my box contained items that help to achieve that from the inside out. Here are close-ups of the individual items, followed by a complete listing:


All the way from Japan.


Vegetable-based shower gel from Lemongrass House.


Laura Mercier goodies!


Quenching mask from Enavose.


Moa Balm: Something totally new to me.


Every time I get one of these boxes delivered to my doorstep, and after I open them up, the first thought that comes to my mind is always, “More makeup, more makeup, more makeup!” I’m a makeup freak; I love makeup more than skincare even though at this moment I’m actually investing more in skincare. Makeup products somehow always look prettier and are therefore more like collectibles! Of course, skincare is good too but they belong to the bathroom! Makeup belongs to my dressing table!


Anyhow, these are the official names of the items in this month’s box, according to the order they are shown above:

1) Kinohimitsu‘s BB Drink (Two 50ml bottles)

2) Lemongrass House‘s Rose Absolute Shower Gel (30ml)

3) Laura Mercier‘s Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 and Foundation Primer

4) Enavose‘s H2Osis Black Tea Quench Mask (15ml)

5) Moa‘s Green Balm

6) S$5 Gift Voucher for Lemongrass House (shown only in the very first picture)


If Bellabox’s aim is to increase product awareness among consumers, they’re definitely doing their job. Besides the Laura Mercier products, I’ve never heard of the other brands before. I also now have a collection of tiny bottles of shower gels and shampoos from my monthly subscriptions. Now I just need to find the money and time to travel overseas so that I can use and review them! Moa’s Green Balm is a product meant for specific skin conditions like eczema, grazes and minor burns, and as such I don’t think it’s meant for daily use. If I get to use this, I’ll definitely write a review on it.


To be honest, I didn’t expect the BB drink at all, mainly because it’s more of a health supplement than topical skincare or makeup. The bottles are made from glass, which is why they were bubble wrapped. If the girls from Bellabox ever read this review, it’d be great if in future, more cosmetic product varieties, such as mascaras or lash curlers, could be included!


For those of you who got the April box, what did you get?





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Anne-Marie April 21, 2012 - 5:30 pm

I was looking forward to getting the sample of laura mercier's tinted moisturizer, which plenty of people received. but I got a bottle of China Glaze's nail polish in Cracked Medallion instead. being a collector of nail polish, I would have been happy, if I didn't already purchase a bottle of it in the middle of last year. oh well.

lacedivory86 April 23, 2012 - 1:29 am

Yeah, many people were pretty disappointed with the April box, even a friend of mine who received the exact same things as I did. I hope they'll have better products next time round!


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