Review: Dermalogica’s Overnight Repair Serum

by Roxanne C.


Repair your skin as you sleep.


The Overnight Repair Serum from Dermalogica is a serum that is meant for night use. It contains argan oil, brown seaweed and botanical oils to help fight the signs of aging while we lay deep in slumber, snoozing those precious hours away. This is the newest addition to the brand’s Age Smart series of products, which now consists of 12 items.


The serum itself is a colourless oil with a rose fragrance similar to the Duchess Marden Damascena Body Serum. To use it, gently turn the bottle upside down and tap at its base to get the serum onto your hand. Then, rub your hands together and press the serum onto your face instead of sweeping it onto your skin.¬†Four to six drops is enough for one person. For me, I use about 4 drops each time; Five drops and I’ll have enough for the neck and decolletage as well.


4 to 6 drops is sufficient for a night's worth of skin plumping.


A few drops of the serum.


I’m neutral on this product. Prior to this, I’ve never ever thought that adding an oil to my oily skin would make it better but this has proven otherwise. My skin felt plumper the very next day after using this for a night. I didn’t get any allergic reaction to it – so it definitely does not have alcohol – and it didn’t cause any acne either. I like the scent as it kinda helps relax my mind after a long tiring day out. I’m not sure about whether it minimises skin discolouration because I don’t really have much of a problem with that but it hydrates my skin well. I’m also not sure about its effect on fine lines either because I haven’t begun to obsess over whether I have worrying fine lines. But one thing to note is that I have rosacea / contact dermatitis and this has not given me problems nor worsen my symptoms. It also does not contain artificial fragrance or colours and mineral oils and is non-comedogenic.


At the moment, it retails at S$138 for a 15ml bottle. It is expensive and that’s why I feel that only those of us who really need it and who are very concerned with product ingredients should get it. The reason I’m pretty neutral about this serum is because it addresses concerns that I don’t have and so it does not exactly improve my skin condition the way I want it to. Also, I’m currently not into an intensive anti-aging skincare routine but more of one that helps improve skin radiance and tone (i.e. reducing redness and broken capillaries). My current regimen with Baby Quasar seems to be working fine, so I guess I’m sticking to it for a while.




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* This product has been sent to me for my review. Like all my other reviews, everything stated here is objective and honest.

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Haven't seen a skinny trees like this in our place. It's beautiful, you can see the view of the field. About the overnight repair serum, it aids the serum due to aging. Which is appropriate for seniors out there.
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