The No-Buy Period

by Roxanne C.


Shopping has never been so evil.


First it’s just a foundation. Then a blush to go with it. And then some mascara, shimmer block, moisturiser, eyeshadow palette and lip balm. And then another blush. And then more. “I’ve got a gel liner but this one from Bobbi Brown seems to be much better.” “I already have Jealoous Jordana from the balm but Loaded from Urban Decay has got a more mossy colour, and I don’t have something like this. It might go better with my eye colour and my MAC Vanilla.” “I’m using Clinique’s All About Eyes but maybe there’s another eye cream out there that is better suited for my skin.” It just never quite stops.


Thus comes the need for self control, before the damage spirals down the passage of no return. And that’s where a self-proclaimed No-Buy Period comes into place, a period in time where we’re forced to curb our spendings; A period of time that could range anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. Anything more than that would really just be a change in lifestyle and spending habits. Whatever the reason for its implementation, anyone who’s ever gone through it would know it isn’t quite as easy as it seems!


Of course, it’s nothing compared to kicking a harmful addiction like tobacco or alcohol. But makeup junkies, especially the more obsessed ones, would, well, suffer for at least a little bit. This agony intensifies when a new product or collection launches right in the middle of our No-Buy Period. Each idle passing day from the launch date is a catastrophic stab to the heart and fosters a waning hope that those pretty little things would still be there for us when the period is over. Maybe the window we have given ourselves is too long, and so we shorten it by some days and compensate with other methods, like eating more affordably and watching less movies. The only thing for sure is that spending is cut and that is the ultimate goal in every No-Buy Period.


Some people succeed, some people don’t. Some stumble with it for a few times before finally being rid of the excessive obsession. The real underlying reason for a timeout like this is that we realise there are other more important, substantial things we should spend our money on. We don’t need seven purple eyeshadows in varying tones, nor do we need five different serums for skincare. But we do need that fluffy duvet so we can snuggle in bed when it rains (bimbotically speaking), and we do need that insurance for the diving trip next month (practically speaking). So weighing the options, it’s still better to be alive and at least look normal than to be dead and never have the chance to use up all the makeup and skincare that we’ve accumulated thus far.


At the end of the day, the No-Buy Period helps us to manage our finances for a while and allows us to get a hold of our lives. Once it’s within our means to achieve what we had set out to do – and afford – we shall bid adios to that few weeks of restraint. And till the next time we unleash this unpleasant contingency plan upon ourselves again, may the odds be ever in our favour.





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Image credits: Hot from Indiana

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