The May 2012 Bellabox

by Roxanne C.

I wasn’t home when the May 2012 Bellabox arrived so I had to wait till much later in the day to open the parcel. This month, Bellabox decided that they didn’t want to use boxes as the packaging but cloth bags instead. It’s really fine by me because I think the pouches are great for travelling and take up less space when not in use. The theme this time followed the event of the month – Mother’s Day. Here are the items I received:


The May 2012 Bellabox items.


From left to right, the items I got were:

1) Sally Hansen‘s Hard as Nails

2) Enavose‘s Cellogist Youth Guard Cream

3) Macadamia‘s Natural Oil

4) Dirty Works‘ Think of England Bath Soak

5) Elizabeth Arden‘s Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules

6) S$20 voucher for Elizabeth Arden (not shown)

7) S$30 off voucher for (not shown)


I’m not sure I like this month’s box very much. The Enavose cream contains alcohol, so I can’t use it. Also, I don’t own a bath tub at home and this means I pretty much can’t use the Dirty Works Bath Soak either. And… where is my makeup! I want more makeup, more makeup, more makeup! I’m not getting what I want from this, so I’m not sure if I will continue my subscription to Bellabox. I guess if you don’t read any more blog entries about it from next month onward, it means I’ve cancelled it.


What did you get in your Bellabox for May? Do share in the comment section below!





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