21 Useful Life Lessons My Makeup has Taught Me

by Roxanne C.

One day, I decided to sit down and think about all the things makeup has done for me. So with a cup of warm tea on a rainy day, I sat in my “home office” (aka my bedroom) and began penning down the things I’ve discovered thus far from shading my eyes and contouring my cheekbones. Apart from solving my complexion woes, making me look prettier and adding colour to my life (and face, duh), I realised that makeup also taught me many valuable life lessons. Some are funner and more relaxed, while others were more intense. Here are the 21 of them, revealed to the rest of the world in their full glory.


Spring blossoms make for a reflective mind.


1) Wear lip gloss if you’re going on a blind date or a on date with a guy you don’t yet want to kiss. Guys hate that stuff. {Side note: This is just an advice to girls. I’ve luckily never had to do this.}

2) He who makes my mascara run is the one from whom I should run.

3) He who kisses me on the lips when I’ve got lipstick on is the one I should keep.

4) Full coverage foundation is your best bet for a night of drinking, especially if you’ll turn red from the alcohol.

5) If you can’t stand my makeup, I can’t stand you.

6) Sometimes, beneath a beautiful face lies a broken heart.

7) If something doesn’t suit you, it doesn’t suit you.

8) Change is the only constant. The perception of beauty is always evolving.

9) There will alway be someone newer, younger and more coveted than you. Being OK with it is what makes you confident.

10) Everyone – not just you – is lacking in something even if you think they are not.

11) Life is nothing without colour.

12) If you can’t afford diamonds, there is always shimmer and glitter.

13) There’s inspiration to be drawn everywhere. You’ve just go to open your heart to it.

14) Experimentation is the only way discoveries are made.

15) A solution that works for somebody else may not necessarily work for you too.

16) Practice makes perfect.

17) If you learn from your mistakes, you’ll just get better.

18) Always work with what you’ve got.

19) You don’t need to be an artist to make yourself look beautiful.

20) If you want to achieve something, you have to put in the effort.

21) Don’t take life too seriously.





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candice michelle May 24, 2012 - 9:06 am

Thanks for this, It was very informative, Really a big help for us! thanks for sharing this one!
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lacedivory86 May 24, 2012 - 5:15 pm

I just thought this would be pretty interesting! Perhaps you could do up a list of your own life lessons learnt from makeup and link me back!



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