The Beauty Bucket List

June 13, 2012

One fine day, very randomly, I recalled “The Bucket List,” a movie fronted by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman about two old, terminally ill men doing things from their own bucket lists before they died. While it is inspiring that they decided to live life to the fullest and do crazy things like skydiving and travelling around the world (a word: don’t wait till you’re about to die to do these), it got me thinking about what I would like to have in my own bucket list.


A bucket list full of yummy things.


Of course, there are tons  I would love to do and experience before I leave the face of this earth but let’s just narrow it down to beauty-related options. Here’s my list:


1) Try on more than a pair of false eye lashes at any one time.

You know, the times where some girls use an additional pair of lashes on top of the one they’ve already got, on top of their mascara-ed lashes? Yes, those times.

2) Attempt a Gyaru look, complete with dyed hair.

3) Cover my lips with red swarovskis instead of just lipstick. This is like haute couture in the makeup world.

4) Try a snail cream mask or facial.

5) Fraxel when I’m older.

6) Try cream blush or a cheek tint instead of powdered blush. It could work for my oily skin and I might end up liking it.

7) Try on eye gloss.

8) Get coloured lashes with coloured mascara. Purple or turquoise would be nice.

9) Work hot pink eyeshadow!!!

10) Get IPL permanent hair reduction for my arms.

11) Go for a full body spa session. Can you believe I’ve never done this? Even I can’t.

12) Find the perfect bright coral lipstick to wear out.


That’s all I’ve managed to come up with for now. Some of these are actually quite doable, while others really depend on whether I have the need or money for them. Still, I would love to do everything I’ve listed so far. I’m sure I’ll get some more ideas down the road because the world of beauty always changes.


What is your beauty bucket list like? Do share!





Green and gold cocktail ring.

I bought this elegant cocktail ring a few days ago. This cost me S$300. No, I’m just kidding. It cost only S$13! What a steal! The colour is so lovely and I finally have something green in my wardrobe. Looking at it just makes me feel peaceful and calm inside. Very one-with-nature, and I immediately imagine myself living in some forest off the beaten track. Love this!




Image credits: Miss Mustard Seed