Laced Ivory X Mary Chia: Spa Party for My Lovelies

by Roxanne C.

{This is the second entry about the spa party I held at Mary Chia @ Clementi Mall (Singapore) last Saturday. To read the first part, click here.}


I’d spent many days poring over the details of the party I would hold at Mary Chia @ Clementi Mall. It was my first party after all and I had never organised something like this in my life. A couple of days before the party, a Mary Chia representative and I worked out the schedule of the guests’ treatments. As there were only a certain number of beauticians available for the few fun hours, we had to make sure everyone was tended to before the party ended. In the end, we had about 2 guests being pampered at any one time and our plan worked out really well!


Just the night before the party, I packed all the goodie bags. I had managed to get a couple of sponsors for the event, namely Hoyu and Vanity Trove. Hoyu sponsored my guests really cute hair dyes from the Beautylabo Whip Hair Color range. The packaging is uber cute and these dyes are perfect as gifts for a spa party. At the moment, they can be found at the local pharmacies like Watsons at less than S$20 a pop.


Hoyu’s Beautylabo Whip Hair Color. These look like cotton candy! All my guests loved it!


Hoyu had thoughtfully given us only Sweet Brown instead of other colours like Caramel Custard, which could be too bright for some people. In the words of some of the party goers who have already tried this out at home, they loved it. I suppose it’s worth a try!


Vanity Trove gave us some more to fill the goodie bags with too. There were B.B creams from Ettusais, lip crayons in different shades from YADAH, as well as some information leaflets about Vanity Trove and the products that were sponsored.


Freebies from Vanity Trove!


Goodie bags for everyone!


Everyone had a customised goodie bag and I took quite some time figuring out who would better utilise the various products. I also added in some little bits of marshmallows (with Hello Kitty wrappers!), keeping within the S$300 budget that I was given from Mary Chia. As the theme of the party was “Nautical,” I had my guests come dressed for it. Here are some pictures of the less camera-shy:


Wtih one of my BFFs in the wonderful tub, before everyone arrived! Check out her food blog {link url=””}here{/link}.


With my first guest of the day. Nautical jacket sleeves, checked!


More nautically-dressed guests! Come party on a yacht with us!


With Sailor Girl! Check out Joey’s blog {link url=””}here{/link}.


Time for gelish!


My sister came to the party too and did gelish as well. These nails looked so lovely on her!


With more than 10 years of friendship. 😉


This belongs to my other BFF, who dressed her feet for the theme as well! I always say she has beautiful toes.


Remember the Beauty Makeover Cabin Counter I had set up for the girls at the venue? It proved to be a great idea because at least half of the crowd – even I – had a go at it and it was such fun! Here’s a shot I took before taking my leave to make way for the girls coming in:


Cabin crew in action. This is how you put on falsies…


Group shot with everyone who came for the party. Everyone looks rejuvenated and happy after the treatments, chatter, food and makeup fun!


I wish I could hold another party like this again but the next time, I’d like it to be bigger and better! I’d like to thank everyone who attended the event and tried their best to stuff themselves full with the food; There was so much, we couldn’t finish them all and so we left extras for the staff. I’d also like to thank Mary Chia Singapore for this wonderful opportunity (and the flowers)! Last but not least, many thanks to my sister, mum, Alexis and Clara for helping me out with logistics like the arrangement of chairs and bringing down of the cupcakes and goodie bags.


Thank you Mary Chia for the sweet-smelling roses, and in my favourite colour too!


On that day, I didn’t go home empty handed. A couple of my guests gave me presents in return! Cheryl made me a couple of sparkly rings, one of which I wore immediately at the party. You can spot it in the group picture above. Corinne, my BFF, gave me a jewellery box from Korea. I love it a lot too! Thank you, girls.


Cheryl’s hand-made rings in a pouch.


I wore the purple one because I fell in love with all the sparkles!


Jewellery box which now holds all my accessories, save for earrings. Thank you Corinne dear!


Although this spa is part of the still ongoing Singapore Blog Awards 2012 competition, and although this entry and a few others are a part of the participation criteria, it’s really not that crucial for me to win. What matters most is that I’m able to enjoy and share the fruits of my labour with my friends and family. To me, having hosted and organised something like this for the people around me and seeing the smiles on their faces totally justify the efforts I’ve put into my blog and signify the growth of Laced Ivory. In addition, the party allowed me to experience first-hand what planning and carrying out an event was like – challenging but fun. Learning lessons in life still holds way more value to me than anything else. So here’s to better times ahead!





YSL lip wonders via Sudinami.




P.S. Please vote for Laced Ivory at the Singapore Blog Awards if you think the blog deserves to win the Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog category.

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