Spa Party Planning Tips (Part 2)

by Roxanne C.

{This is the second part of my entry about planning a spa party. To find out what the first four tips are, head on over to Spa Party Planning Tips (Part 1).}


Previously, I shared some tips on planning a spa party based on my own experiences in planning for my very first ever spa party at the salon, Mary Chia at clementi Mall (Singapore). It was fun, crazy, exhilarating and I learnt a whole lot! Everyone had such fun and I realised that there were definitely certain things that you should know when going about planning for one. Here are the remaining tips that I have to share. Hope you’ll find this useful!


5) Budget


When planning a party, always have a budget in mind and stick to it. It can get pretty easy to be carried away, especially if you come across exquisite deco items or those irresistible pastel-coloured macarons. Make a list of the things you need versus the things you want. Use what’s in the budget for everything in the former list and if you have some leftover, you can then spend it on the wants. Sourcing around for items or food that are cheaper but still work as well will take some time and travelling, so plan your party weeks before. Also, let your guests know right from the start if they’ll have to pitch in for the party cost or not.


For my party, Mary Chia agreed to sponsor a maximum of S$300, which included food and party decoration. I used up S$280 from this allowance, mostly on food (S$260).


6) Some Help


Planning and hosting an event of any kind is not easy. If it were, we’d all be event planners and PR executives. Get some help, either from close friends or family members who might agree to volunteer some of their time. Planning the spa party entirely on your own will take quite long and can leave you feeling overwhelmed, discombobulated and stressed. You could make your event a potluck party, so everyone brings something to eat and that would solve the problem of racking your brains for food ideas.


For my party, I got some help from my sister, her friend, my BFF and a representative from Mary Chia. Everyone chipped in a bit and their efforts were definitely appreciated!


7) Party Favours


The last things to prepare are the party favours. These are gifts for your guests to thank them for attending your party. It can be anything you think your guests may like but it doesn’t have to be something extravagant or utterly expensive. Give something thoughtful and useful, such as customised tea bags or cutlery. Alternatively, it could be something fitted to the theme of the party, like facial mask sheets or eyebrow shaping tool kits. Thank you notes are also a great way to express gratitude towards your guests and may even let them look forward to your next party.


As for my party, I managed to get some sponsors for the goodie bags I gave to each of my guests. They were YADAH lip crayons and Ettusais BB Cream samples from Vanity Trove, and D.I.Y. hair dye kits from Hoyu. I also added in some marshmallows as a sweet treat for my friends to bring home.


8) Final Tips


During the party itself, try not to be too stressed and just let things flow. Guests are going to be late now and then so don’t get hysterical when someone doesn’t show up on the dot. Hiccups can occur (not literally) but tell yourself that they are perfectly normal. There are many people where you are (it’s a party) so ask around and see if someone can help if something goes wrong. Chances are, they’ll be happy to.


Don’t forget that although you’re the host, you should also have fun as much as you can. A sulky and stressed host can create a negative atmosphere, so cheer up, take a deep breath, smile and let the activities begin.


Did I miss out anything? Do you have tips of your own to share? Do so in the comments section below!





Glittery cupcakes via Pinterest.



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