Rave: Make Up For Ever’s Glitter

by Roxanne C.

I was looking out for some type of glitter for my Holiday 2012 look and finally got my hands on the Make Up For Ever Glitter in 03 White Green Orange! It’s just too bad that stores like Sa Sa and Watsons don’t stock any glitter, especially since I was hoping to get something cheap. Turns out it was all a blessing in disguise because I am now so in love with the glitter from Make Up For Ever!


The Make Up For Ever Glitter unboxed!


A close-up of the Make Up For Ever Glitter in 03.


Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet? My moods are lifted as I watch the glitter flecks sparkle in the light. This glitter is so pretty, I can’t wait to use it for the look! As the glitter is in the form of a loose powder, it has to be used with the Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix so that it stays on the skin. So, I ended up buying a bottle of that too!


The Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix.


Ooh la la France, je te verrai en Décembre!


The Make Up For Ever Glitter in 03, patted onto skin with Mist & Fix.


The glitter particles are in the right size – not too small so that people can’t see it from a distance, and not too big so that it looks over-the-top. When applied onto the skin with Mist & Fix, the glitter is packed and stays on for a long time. I almost got the Aqua Seal but the makeup artist at Sephora recommended this spray instead, as the Aqua Seal is really hard to handle and wash off. Perhaps I’ll do another swatch another time, but just so you know, the effect of the glitter depends a lot on the lighting it’s seen under. I chose 03 because it’s the most neutral one among all the others and thus it will also fit the widest range of occasions.





Frozen coconut peach bites via Running to the Kitchen.



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