How to Tell if Your Skincare Routine is Working for You

by Roxanne C.

Getting the right skincare routine is never easy. More often than not, it takes many failed trials, allergic reactions and broken promises to get the right one. Add in a once-every-four-months season change and a tweak in your lifestyle habits, and the seemingly never-ending search continues. Sometimes, you reach stagnation, where you aren’t quite sure whether the products you’ve found are doing it, or whether this is the best combination of products you’ll ever come across even if it doesn’t seem to be doing much for your skin. Here, I’ll share some tips with you on how you can tell – and what you can do – if your skincare routine is giving you the skin you deserve.


1) No More Whiteheads!

A good skincare routine gets rid of whiteheads and blackheads alike. These, when left untreated, can progress into acne, so you don’t want them around at all. I personally use the double cleanse method, as I wear makeup almost everyday. To cleanse deeper into the pores, I use the Sonic Cleanse.


2) No Allergies.

The most important part about your skincare is that it does not give your skin a bad reaction. Products that claim to purge your impurities before clearing them should only be bought under the recommendation of your dermatologist, not ads or the persuasion of smiley salesmen. Anything that breaks you out or gives you a rash should belong in the bin, pronto!


3)   Your Skin Behaves.

Your skin responds to what you do to it. Therefore, the right skincare routine will mean that if you have acne, it will clear up; if you have wrinkles, they will be reduced in appearance. Sad to say, sagging of the skin can only be significantly improved by methods such as laser or a facelift (still too scary for me to even think about). If your skin tends to be oily, the right skincare routine will reduce shine but not lead to dryness. Overall, the condition of your skin will change for the better and stay that way.


4)   Your Skin is Radiant.

You look youthful and younger than your actual age (this may be truer for Asians than Caucasians). You seem to glow from within. Your skin isn’t pasty, pale or sallow. Instead, it is supple and seems to have a healthy life of its own. And if you lead a healthy lifestyle that includes a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, you’ll see that your cheeks have a natural blush too!


Take charge of your own skin!

Take charge of your own skin!


What You Can Do if You’re Not Quite There Yet


The very first thing you need to check is whether your skincare products are resulting in allergies. If any of them are, discard them immediately! If they are not, then see whether they are giving your skin any benefits. Some products don’t do anything at all and are a pure waste of money (maybe they just have really nice packaging but don’t get sucked into it).


Try to spot a pattern of the way your skin reacts to certain types of products, such as products containing rose oil, silicone or alcohol. Take note that different parts of your face can react differently to ingredients (for example, only the areas under my eyes are not allergic to alcohol), so you’ll have to study real hard.


If a product doesn’t solve a problem, then it’s not a solution – it’s time to find another one. There are tons of items out there – and even more being made each day – so unless you give up, there’ll come a day where you find just the thing you’re looking for. If all else fails, try a unique label from your own trusted dermatologist.






Image credits: Fernandoirigoyen