How to Save Money on Makeup

by Roxanne C.

As a beauty blogger and a self-professed beauty addict, a lot of my money is spent on makeup alone. Though I probably don’t have a stash as impressive as some of the other professional beauty bloggers do, I still have quite a bit that don’t ever get used up – or even at all, once they’ve been swatched. Here are just some tips that I find useful in helping me to curb that urge to drop a bomb on makeup.


1) Don’t head into the danger zones.

Danger zones are found everywhere and they seem to pop up more significantly when you’re trying to avoid them. Murphy’s Law is valid, I can attest to that. Shopping malls, department stores, makeup counters, online stores and even eBay are just some examples of places you should keep out of your sight. Sephora is the most dangerous, I’d say. I almost always never get out of there without having bought something. And when I do, it sure takes a whole lot of courage to walk away.


2) Save first, then spend what is left over.

An advice by mogul Donald Trump can’t be wrong, especially when it comes to money matters. Following this rule helps you to manage your finances in a responsible way.


3) Think through thoroughly before making a purchase.

The makeup will still be there even after you’re gone. Do you really NEED it? Do you need it NOW? Consider the opportunity cost of buying that one more product. Is there a better way to invest that money or to save it? Maybe for a holiday or a nice meal? Clothes? Tuition fees or credit card debts? You need to be very disciplined.


Do you really need all that glitter and falsies?

Do you really need all that glitter and falsies?


4) Don’t be swayed by sales assistants.

Sales assistants were hired for a reason. They have a job to do and it’s your job to be able to tell when you need to stand your ground and say no when you really shouldn’t be spending any more money on makeup.


5) Substitute with cheaper dupes.

Dupes are all around you if you’ll just look. Search for blog entries that compare them and note down the more affordable alternatives for what you want.


6) Don’t use makeup.

This point was contributed by my sister, who doesn’t use makeup. And while it can be harsh to stay away from makeup, it is a valid – and funny – point! Instead, she suggests investing in good skincare so you can cut down on unnecessary products like concealor.


7) Invest in versatile shades.

This is because you wear them more often and they won’t go to waste. Compare spending $40 on a black lipstick to $40 on a nude one for everyday wear. The nude one gives you better satisfaction because you actually get to use it, whereas the black one just lets you feel like you own something of value.


A simple makeup counter is all you need.

A simple makeup counter is all you need.


8) Go on a no-buy period and tell everyone you know.

You’ll need support if you’re going to seriously not buy any makeup, no matter how pretty they promise to make you look.


9) Be a card member to earn discounts and rebates.

Many makeup stores do offer card memberships. These offer discounts or savings when you spend a certain amount on makeup. For example, the Sephora White Card earns you 1 point for every dollar spent. When you accumulate 250 points, you’ll get 10% off your next purchase (for Singaporean residents). In the United States, you get free samples once you’ve accumulated 100 and 500 points. For other brands, they provide free samples every time you make a purchase, so you do not need to spend money on products just to test them out.


10) Share makeup with your sister and/or mother.

Now this point may put some people off. Sharing of makeup isn’t generally advised for hygiene purposes. However, things like powdered bronzer, powdered blush, eyeshadow primer, brow powder and pencil can be shared. Products you should definitely not share are eye products (e.g. mascara and liquid liner) and lip products, so as to prevent the spread of contagious infections.


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Image credits: Pinterest & Violettfrost