Review: A Bluunis Eyebrow Embroidery (and a Thalasso Spa)

by Roxanne C.
Eyebrow embroidery at Bluunis review

Caterpillars are green, and caterpillars belong on trees and shrubs – not above our eyes. Nary an occasion when a tattooed lady walks past have I not been in silent amazement and agony. Does she know that her brows are green? Is she aware that green clashes terribly with some colours, like that salmon top she’s donning? Oh my God, this is so distracting. Just look into her eyes when she speaks, and nowhere else. She doesn’t need to know that she’s morphing into Maleficent in my mind.


If I could, I’d recommend everyone who wished to get an eyebrow tattoo to instead consider eyebrow embroidery. The main reason being that it’s not permanent (it lasts for about 6 months), so you never have to end up being scarred for life if you got a terrible job done. The second reason is – you guessed it – that it doesn’t ever leave your brows turning green (or red). Ever. Eyebrow embroidery might not be commonplace in the west as of yet, but it totally should.


I tried out Bluunis about slightly more than a month ago, and was very pleasantly surprised by what I got. I was initially apprehensive, because I didn’t want my brows ending up with a reddish tint that shows up in photographs taken with flash. However, I was assured by the professionals at Bluunis that the dyes used were botanical extracts and did no such turning-my-brows-into-sun-dried-chilis.


Bluunis eyebrow embroidery

Right at the beginning. My brows au naturel.


Bluunis eyebrow embroidery

Let the work begin!


I sat down after my Geo Thalasso Body Treatment session (more on that later) in front of a huge mirror and Colynn got to work. The first thing she did was to fill one of my brows in with a brow pencil, drawn to the shape that I wanted. When I liked what I saw, she did the other brow in the same fashion. I liked the fact that Colynn was open to my comments about the newly drawn brows, and together, we came up with the final look. After that, the real embroidery work began.


Bluunis eyebrow embroidery

One brow drawn! No prizes for guessing which one.


Bluunis eyebrow embroidery

Both brows filled this time. They’re thicker and more prominent.


Bluunis eyebrow embroidery

Colynn showing her skills! Look at the blade! You can see where it has been, as indicated by the darker shade on the brow she’s working on.


The embroidery itself took some time and didn’t hurt much. The pain level was something like that of plucking my own brows. I didn’t tear or feel uncomfortable at all, and to be honest, I almost fell asleep! When it was over, I really didn’t want to get out of bed. Laying there was so comfy and I needed the rest.


Bluunis eyebrow embroidery

The final result after my eyebrow embroidery session.


The result was natural looking, more prominent brows! The thing about eyebrow embroidery is that it’s something like henna. You add an inky substance on your skin, and after sometime, that substance falls off, leaving behind a stain on the skin. The difference is that for eyebrow embroidery, this falling off takes about 4 weeks, after which you’ll most probably need to return to the salon for a touchup.


Using the latest Brownaissance technique, which combines the use of dots and lines of different thickness and length, Colynn resurrected my barely-there brows. Here’s what they look like now, after the ink has fallen off:


Bluunis eyebrow embroidery

Natural-looking brows, courtesy of Bluunis!


It’s so natural, you wouldn’t have known I got them embroidered! They are of a lighter shade because I only had one embroidery session. A touchup would make them darker. As they say, it’s always easier to add on more layers than take them off! I haven’t had the time to visit the salon for my touch up session, and probably won’t have the time to in the next couple of months, so this will have to do.


If you do like a pampering treatment, you can also request for the Geo Thalasso Body Treatment that I tried out. There was no aggressive massaging or twisting of any body joints – just relaxing massages. This treatment uses a host of beneficial ingredients, such as volcanic mineral extracts, pre-hystomeric cells and sea algae to hydrate the skin and revitalise you. It’s actually quite the great idea to combine an eyebrow embroidery session with it in one day, so you leave feeling (and looking) refreshed and ready to take on the world.


Eyebrow embroidery at Bluunis review

Thank you Colynn, and everyone at Bluunis Singapore!


Bluunis is located at Plaza Singapura, No. 68 Orchard Road, #04-55, S238839. The salon can be contact by phone at +65 6336 6331 or +65 6336 3684.