Review: A Couple of Percy & Reed Hair Products

by Roxanne C.


Percy & Reed Hair

Just some Percy & Reed hair products.


They say you can’t always have your cake and eat it. I’m not sure I buy that. Actually, I’d like that cake, some fudge on top of it and a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream to go with. Oh, and let’s have some lovely rose macarons too! And hope that the wind doesn’t blow in the wrong direction while we’re at it.┬áBecause, you know, the wind makes all our styling efforts go to waste. Like how the rain does.


But that doesn’t mean we can’t style our hair, or try our best to make every day a good hair day. I gave some Percy & Reed hair products a try and really like what they did for me!


My problem has always been limp, lifeless hair and I never knew the cause of it. Initially I thought it was the sheer weight of all that length, but every time I exited a hair salon, all the limpness would turn magically into natural-looking volume. Now, I suspect it could be the humidity of Singapore’s air, and the amount of sebum produced due to the heat.


The first product I tried was the Percy & Reed No Oil Oil for Thick Hair, which came in a smaller size in the Unleash that Volume Ladies Mini Travel Set. I don’t normally use a conditioner in the shower, as I really haven’t the time to wait for a couple of minutes and then wash it off. As such, I stick to leave-in hair products. The No Oil Oil for Thick Hair works nicely to protect my hair ends and leaves my hair strands feeling sleek and healthy. It doesn’t have a scent either and doesn’t weigh my hair down.


Percy & Reed Hair

The No Oil Oil for Thick Hair.


Because I was impressed with the No Oil Oil for Thick Hair, I also bought a shampoo from Percy & Reed – the Bountifully Bouncy Volumising Shampoo.


Percy & Reed Hair

Shampoo in a squeeze tube.


I love this shampoo because it also doesn’t weigh my hair down. The shampoo is a light, pale white colour with just the slightest hint of a scent. It lathers normally but I must add that it doesn’t give me va va vroom hair.


As of now, I am a Percy & Reed fan! I like that the products I’ve tried deliver results and that the packaging is so pretty, but they may be a bit pricey for some (about $$30 for a shampoo). In Singapore, they can be found at Sephora stores. You can also get yours in The Style Store.







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