How to Look Fresh (When You’re Just Not Feeling it)

by Roxanne C.


How to look fresh

Looking fresh isn’t just reserved for models.


Libraries are awesome. I just visited one last weekend and brought home Bobbi Brown’s Pretty Powerful for a relaxing read. I finally have my hands on it! Well, for a good three weeks anyway. Nonetheless, feeling that solid, hardcover on my hands and seeing it on my table top has inspired me to write about how to look fresh, even when you just don’t feel good or in the mood.


1) Good, consistent skincare routine

The basis of every face is a good skincare routine. Most people don’t have problems with cleansing or toning, especially since we now know the prowess of sonic cleansers, and the problem usually comes under how to get optimal moisturising. Once you’ve found that moisturiser that works for your face, stick to it and include that in your twice-daily routine. A good point to remember is that dry skin ages you.


2) Get enough sleep.

That’s the first thing I always say when someone asks me for a good remedy for dark eye circles. Not only is this a tried and tested method to look fresher, it has also been scientifically proven to make you more efficient at work (or whatever it is you do during your waking hours). The body rids itself of toxins when you sleep, and the best time for this detox is between 11pm to 2am every night.


3) Drink enough fluids.

I often struggle with this as I’ve yet to find the balance between drinking enough and drinking too much. Fluids can include anything from plain water to juices, as long as it’s not coffee or tea.


4) Conceal those bags!

Eye bags are one of the most obvious signs of weariness and exhaustion. The difference between someone who has them and someone who doesn’t, is huge. So, one of the easiest, most surefire ways to look fresher is to hide them. Invest in a high quality concealor or that doesn’t smudge or crease, which can actually draw attention towards your under eyes. I recommend YSL’s Touche Éclat Radiant Touch Concealor.


5) Foundation with buildable coverage

Once concealing is done, create that flawless, even skin tone with a good foundation. Whatever foundation you pick, it has to have a medium-high buildable coverage, SPF and does not cake. A face that is tired shows signs of stress, and some indicators are spots and blemishes. If you use a foundation which has sun protection, you don’t need to pile on sunscreen and end up having so many layers of product on your skin – something which makes me feel very uncomfortable.


6) Coloured lips

I’ve just recently found out what a difference it makes to have lip colour on. I don’t normally apply lipstick or gloss for work, but when I do, it makes an impact on the way others view me. The rule is that your lips need a perk, and because it’s one of the facial features that others subconsciously observe when they interact with you, changing the way it looks does create an effect. The intensity of the lip colour has to be proportional to how much more you need to look fresh. If you’re just feeling tired, a natural pink would do. But if you’re feeling downright horrible (tired + annoyed + sick + hungry + stressed, for example) a velvet red or bright pink could do the trick.


7) Curl your lashes.

How to look fresh

Mascaras and lash curlers can do a lot to make you look more awake and attentive.


If you find that you still have some time after taking care of your lips, the next thing to do is to curl your lashes and apply some mascara. This is a foolproof trick to open up your eyes without even using eyeshadow, or doing any of those complicated contouring techniques that makeup artists perfect on the runway. I recommend the Shiseido Eyelash Curler, available on


8) Touching up is necessary.

Especially in humid climates, you need to touch up when mid-day comes. Some of us may need to touch up more often, depending on the quality of makeup used and our skin types. The truth is this: No one looks 100% the same at the start and at the end of a long day. Keep blotting paper and facial tissue with you in your makeup pouch. You’ll need those.


9) Care for your hair.

As I’m writing this, some parts of Asia is facing a drought and Singapore is no exception. The grass has turned brown and it makes me sad just looking at all the lost green. The same goes for our hair. Regardless of your style, hair that is parched reminds me of a Saudi dessert. Condition it, go for treatments, use a leave-in serum… whatever needs to be done, do it.


Looking fresh is an overall effort, which affects the way others perceive you, and which in turn affects the way you feel. Just because you wake up in a terrible state doesn’t mean it has to stay that way till you go back to bed at the end of the day. Do you have any other tips which you think could benefit others? Share them in the comment section below!







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