Rave & Review: The Star Lash Perfect Touch Eyeliner

by Roxanne C.


Star Lash Perfect Touch Eyeliner

The Star Lash Perfect Touch Eyeliner.


Star Lash Perfect Touch Eyeliner

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Art class would’ve been much more fun if all the brushes and paints came in liquid eyeliner form. But nope, no such luck. As far as my “talents” go, I suppose I will probably never amount to anything more than a edit-with-filters-and-Snapseed type of Instagrammer. But hey, I can always draw on my own face!


I recently discovered the Star Lash Perfect Touch Eyeliner (in rich black) and I must say that it delivers what it says on the packaging. Now, although I can’t tell if this liquid liner stays on for 24 hours – this is only because I never have makeup on for that long – I can tell you that it lasts, does not smudge and glides on very smoothly indeed. The tip of the brush applicator is the thinnest I’ve ever seen on a liquid liner, and it’s so thin that even my camera can’t take a good shot of it close-up. Pssst: It’s even thinner than the Maybelline Hyperliner!


From¬†observing it till I went cross-eyed, it seems that the tip is made up of one single strand of fibre alone – perfect for that sharp, precise cat eye or tight lined look, but can be tricky to use because it seems to stick out farther than the rest of the brush and you don’t feel it when it first touches your skin. It’s pigmented enough for a black eyeliner, so I don’t need to reapply layer over layer. It can be a bit hard to wash off, but nothing a little eye makeup remover can’t deal with. I do recommend this eyeliner because it’s so easy to use, is affordable and doesn’t smudge. The liner can currently be found at John Little Singapore at Plaza Singapura, so do hop on over to get yours today!


In the meantime, here’s a look I created using this liner:






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* This product has been sent to me for my review. Like all my other reviews, everything stated here is objective and honest.