Beauty News Flash: Stick-Them-On Brows

by Roxanne C.


Strong Brows on Runway

We all know about the current beauty trend of strong, defined brows while keeping the rest of the face simple. But what is a girl to do if she – like me – has, oh dear, no brows to begin with? Of course, we don’t go for hair plugs on brows. That would just be freaky; and think about the cost and pain!


Who knew the whole Frieda Kahlo would come back in style? I still find her very manly-looking. But hey, assuming we do want nicely groomed caterpillars, what do we do? Well, thank God for the ever-evolving beauty industry. There’s always a pair or two of brow wigs we can count on. Yes, you read that right. Brow wigs!


Strong Brows Cara Delevingne

No, Cara doesn’t need them but not every one of us is like her.


There are some brow wigs that can be re-used on a daily basis. These are stuck on with adhesive and then taken off at the end of the day. The cycle repeats.


Then there are some which can be used for months on end. These are stuck on just once and don’t have to be taken off before bedtime. How convenient. But imagine the horror if you stuck them on wrongly! That said, I’d rather you practise on the dailys first (or get an experience makeup artist’s help).


The brow wigs that have intrigued me are made with human hair and come in various shapes and shades; from dark, angular brows to blonde, rounded ones. They could just be a beauty fad for as long as runway trends last, but the good thing about them is that cancer patients will never have to fear being completely hairless and can feel more confident about themselves as they battle on. Also, models with shaved brows can change their looks as and when they feel like it, which adds to the wondrous nature of our world.


If you feel like you’ve over-plucked your brows and they look scarily thin – or if you know someone who has – perhaps you might like to give brow wigs a go. They’re pretty hard to come by though, as you can’t get them in popular stores like Sephora, Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s.


Have you used brow wigs? Has it changed your life? Share your experience with us!





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