Guest Post: 3 iPhone Fashion Apps You Probably Didn’t Know About

by Roxanne C.


iPhone Fashion App


{Are you looking for a new fashion app to install on your iPhone? Are you bored of Instagram and want more? Today, Mathilde from Price Panda lets us in on 3 new and exciting iPhone fashion apps! Explore away!}


We have never been so subjected to so many trends than today. Thanks to technology and especially smartphones, we can get inspiration from the fashionistas all over the world, in New-York, Tokyo, Paris and Sydney. And it’s awesome!


Talking about smartphones and fashion, the team of fashion addicts of PricePanda recently discovered 3 fantastic fashion apps for iPhone and wanted to share them with me. They are all great, creative and very different and I thought you would like it. So here we go!


1. Trendabl


iPhone Fashion App Trendabl


Trendabl is like Instagram, but only for fashion. It is basically a fashion community where users can upload pictures of their outfit, tag them according to the piece and brands they are wearing and share it with their friends. You can edit your photos, add captions, and add filters and tags which will allow the community to interact with you. What’s so great is that as you use tags, people can look for specific items and find examples of outfits on Trendabl. Let’s say you want to give in to a nice leather skirt but are not really sure how to wear it. Search for “leather skirt” on the community and find dozens of outfits that include a leather skirt. Awesome, right?


2. Asap54

iPhone Fashion App Asap54

Asap54 is simply the greatest app for fashion addicts like me and you. It combines a fashion community (again!) with a picture recognition technology. Imagine this: you are in the street, at work, on holidays or wherever you want and you see a girl wearing a gorgeous dress. Just take a snap (ask the person before, you weirdos!), upload it into Asap54 and the app will return similar items or even the exact same one, with a direct link to buy the item online. It is perfect to hunt your must-have!


What I really find great about this app is the customer service: if the app is not able to find similar items, you can also ask for the team of stylist to look more deeply into it and they will come back to you in 24 hours with another suggestion, high-end or high-street. Why do we even bother going shopping?


3. Cloth

iPhone Fashion App Cloth

Cloth is a wardrobe organisation app. Cloth allows you to organize, save, store and even share your outfits. I don’t know about you but I find it always a challenge to find the perfect outfit. You can buy as many nice tops and gorgeous sandals as you want but sometimes if the outfit doesn’t work, it is just ruined. And that is the hardest part. With Cloth, create your outfit, save them and every time you feel like wearing this cute cropped top, just check the outfits that work best with it.


Of course, there is a social dimension that allows you to share your outfits, ask for advice and also get inspiration from other outfits. Putting the perfect outfit together shouldn’t be an excuse to be late at work anymore!


What do you think about those 3 apps? Do you have others that you love to use and would like to share with us?