Top 10 Tips on Picking the Right Pair of Heels

by Roxanne C.


How to pick heels


Have you ever taken those type of quizzes that let you find out what type of heels you should wear, based on your personality? Those are fun, no doubt, but they aren’t what you should base your decision to buy on. If you don’t normally wear heels, then good for you – your feet must love you to death! For the rest of us who can’t do without them, here are some of my tips on picking the right pair of heels, so you don’t regret your decision to swipe that card.


Before Shopping

  1. The size of your feet changes within each day, generally getting slightly larger at night and/or after a period of walking. That’s the best time to try shoes on.
  2. The sizing can run different for different shoe brands. Always make sure you’ll get to try them on if you are intending to buy.
  3. Consider how much walking (or running, dancing etc) you’ll do in them. The more you need your legs to move about, the lower the heel should be.
  4. Covered heels generally give more support than non-covered heels. That said, if the pair of heels has a lot of straps, that can give it added stability.
  5. Platforms give the balls of the feet more support and spring when walking, and will be more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  6. Narrower heels look better on slimmer silhouettes, chunky heels look better on heavier builds (they also give more support).
  7. It’s easier to balance on wedges and espadrilles than on stilettos.
  8. If you don’t know yet what colour to get, stick with neutral shades like black or nude because there’s a much higher chance they’ll go with whatever you’re planning to wear them with.
  9. Black heels give added glamour, while nude heels give added height.
  10. There are shoes out there meant for slimmer feet, and there are also shoes designed for wider feet. Make sure you get something suited to the shape and size of your feet.


During & After Shopping

  1. Remember the top 10 tips above.
  2. Select the right pair of heels.
  3. Pay and show off the lovely packaging that comes with your new purchase as you leave the store.
  4. Stop by your favourite café for some macarons to reward yourself for having made a good investment.
  5. Take some tea with that.
  6. Enjoy!


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