Workplace Essentials Vol. 002

by Roxanne C.

Previously, in the first installment of this new series on the blog, I picked out some pieces from The Style Store and put them together, showcasing them as a potential part of your perfect office outfit. Today, I’m going to be sharing about my current obsession: skirts!


Zalora Fall 2014


I love skirts. They’re feminine; come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and prints; and the men don’t get it. That makes it feel like they’re exclusive! Some women out there aren’t the skirt type of girl and that’s perfectly OK. Not everyone’s a shorts type of person, or a tank top kind of person either. But me? I cannot survive without them.


Of course it’s definitely more convenient to be in pants because you can take bigger strides or run after the bus, but skirts add this certain ladylike feel to your entire look. Pair them with heels, no matter how high (or not), and nobody would ask you to help lift that box.


Today I’m going to show you some common styles that suit the workplace. Most of them are from Zalora, where you can actually get many things at an affordable price (and reliable shipping). Do check out their online fashion magazine in Singapore too, where you can get some ideas about what to match your skirts with.


The Classic Pencil Skirt


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Pencil skirts are a great way to add formality to your look. They go well with blazers and any tops you might have for the office, even frilly ones. Pencil skirts tell others you mean business. They show others that you’re confident enough to be wearing them despite knowing how challenging they can be, especially since they do restrict some form of motion. For those of you who work hard to remain in shape, pencil skirts also let others know (and remind yourself) that you’ve got your life in order – even if you really are in fact having a little break down. The best time to wear them are when you have to make a presentation to a group of people, though really, I wear them almost every day.


The Flare Skirt


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Flare skirts are more comfortable than pencil skirts in that they give you more space to walk around in. They flow in the wind as you surge confidently forward – or twirl around when someone calls your name. Flare skirts would suit you if you lean towards being bottom heavy because they don’t hug the silhouette. They are airy, which makes them a sensible option in humid Singapore. When wearing a skirt that flares out like how these ones do, your top should be fitting or only slightly loose.


The Printed Skirt


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There doesn’t need to be a reason to wear prints, other than you feeling like it. Prints tell a story – about something you like (florals, birds…), your favourite colour, or even your love for Sunday brunches. Metallics are perfect to help you get in the mood for the weekend or an evening at the bars, so decide on your Friday skirt now. The best way to wear prints is with a simple top that does not distract attention away from the wonderful design at the bottom. A pair of black, nude or white pumps aids in bringing out the exuberance of the skirt, while a classic accessory, like a watch or Swarovski ring, acts like the icing on the donut!


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