Rave & Review: The 3CE Lip Colours in Peach Peach and Double Shot

by Roxanne C.


3CE Lip Colour


Finding the perfect lip colour can be quite the daunting task, especially when there are so many brands and shades to choose from. From matte purples to creamy nudes, upon which colour and lipstick should you confer the title of the Holy Grail of Puckers?


One word of advice: If you don’t want to break the bank but yet want something long-lasting and pigmented, give 3CE Lip Colours a try. I discovered this brand while shopping in Seoul last December and made a trip to their flagship store in Hongdae (you can read more about my experience at Style Nanda here). Granted, the black oblong packaging isn’t anything to swoon over but the product… Oh, the product is amazing!


3CE Lip Colour

3CE Lip Colours in Double Shot (top) and Peach Peach (bottom).


3CE Lip Colour in Peach Peach

I picked colours Peach Peach because of its natural light coral-pink shade, which goes well on yellow-toned Asian skin. Double Shot is a slightly brighter and fresher shade, which you may need as a pick-me-up on days when you feel down and dreary. Both colours are so pretty and so, so wearable. They glide on smoothly, especially on top of your lip balm, and stay on for hours on end. Being the stubborn pinks that they are, they rarely budge when you eat or drink. I’m not saying that none of the colour comes off because it does. But even so, most of it stays stained on your lips – no one would notice the difference unless you wipe it all off with a piece of tissue. Also, layering the Lip Colour on top of your lip balm does not dry your lips out, unlike some lip products that do.


Here’s a shot of me wearing Peach Peach, and another swatch of a model wearing Double Shot:


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3CE Lip Colour in Double Shot

3CE Lip Colour in Double Shot.


After having used these Lip Colours (I now own 3 of them, plus a Lip Lacquer from 3CE), I am now a total convert. They don’t cost a bomb either, which is the best part. You can get them online either at Stylenanda or Luxola, though Luxola offers free international shipping when you spend above a certain amount (more on that here).


I definitely recommend these 3CE Lip Colour treasures. Do give them a try when you can!


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Image credit: Stylenanda.com