Review, Tutorial & Giveaway: INNI Nails Nail Wraps

by Roxanne C.


INNI Nails Review


If you’re a manicure addict, you must be no stranger to nail wraps. These are stickers that go nicely on our nails and don’t involve harmful chemicals or dry time. So what makes INNI Nails so special?


For one, you can decide what design your nails will have. It can be anything: a picture of you and your loved ones, your pet feline, a painting that you saw online or even something you draw on your own! All you need to do is to take a shot of what it is you like, upload it onto INNI using their app or via their website, and voila. Consider it delivered. Not convinced? Check out this video below:



I gave some INNI Nails nail wraps a try and found them to be very easy to apply on clean nails. Each sheet of nail wraps contains 30 individual wraps in various widths and a small ruler printed on the top right. Here are the steps to applying these wraps:

  1. Clean your nails with nail polish remover.
  2. Measure your nail width using the ruler provided and then select the wrap of the same dimension.
  3. Peel the wrap gently off the sheet and apply it to your nail.
  4. Stretch and fold the excess over your nail and then file it off in a downwards motion.


I created a short video on how to do this:



INNI Nails Review

Step 2: Measuring my nail after cleaning it with nail polish remover.


INNI Nails Review

Applying my nail wrap! To make sure the wraps stay on for a longer time, stretch them over the nails before filing the excess off.


Filing the excess off. This should be done in a downwards motion.

Filing the excess off. This should be done in a downwards motion.


INNI Nails Review



INNI Nails Review

Now it’s time to do the other 5 nails.


INNI Nails Review

The completed work. What an art!


The nail wraps are easily filed away, provided you use a good nail file. I love it that you’re not limited by the designs you can have, and that you can even create anything you so wish to. Although these wraps are supposed to last up to 14 days, the ones on my first and second fingers didn’t do so well by Day 3. Thus, I had to apply the extra wraps from the original sheet. Peeling them off when I was ready for a manicure change after a week was easy as well – completely fool-proof.


As you probably saw in the pictures and video above, the part of the wraps near the nail bed is quite rounded, so there will definitely be gaps at the sides if your nail bed is straight like mine. Also, the widths of the wraps may not fit your nail width exactly but this doesn’t bother me. If I’m not wrong, I think INNI Nails is also coming up with different finishes to their wraps. I would so love to try out chrome or glitter ones if they ever have them!


Tip: To add an additional spark to your nail wraps, you can always add some crystals on your own with some nail glue.


Do check out their Facebook page and Instagram account for more information and photos of their nail wraps. Also, if you’re interested to give them a try, I’m holding a giveaway of a couple of their nail wraps on my Instagram account:


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The giveaway is now open and ends on 24th March 2015, 11:59pm (GMT +0800). Anyone can take part, regardless of where in the world you are! All you have to do is to follow me on Instagram, like the photo above and leave a comment telling me which of the 2 designs you’ll like. Do participate in my giveaway if you’ll like to win some pretty nail wraps.


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