Rave & Review: The Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Oil

by Roxanne C.


Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Oil


I chanced upon this miracle of a product when I attended the recent Watsons Girls Day Out event at NEX, Singapore. As a blogger, I had the privilege of being guided through all the booths promoting various health and beauty products but the one item that made me return to Watsons within the same week and spend my precious moolah on was this: the Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Oil.


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I’m a strong advocate of hair oils, serums and leave-in conditioners because hair masks and normal conditioners? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Leave-in hair products save me so much time, which I very much prefer to spend on resting after a long day’s work, or catching up on blogging matters. I’ve tried many products but this one beats them hands down (sorry Jen).


My hair was recently bleached twice in a row when I decided to get an ombre style (read about my first-time experience here) and although I loved the effect, the process left me with extremely dry hair. It got to the point where I had to take 10 whole minutes just to comb through all the tangles. This product from Bené Cosmetics solved that problem for me.


Bené Premium Rougeria Delicious Repair Hair Oil

Made in Japan and not a single word I understand.


There are organic oils used in the making of this product. Looking at the ingredients list, you’ll find coconut oil (3rd on the list), apricot kernel oil, jojoba seed oil, honey (deeply moisturising), olive fruit oil, apple juice and tomato fruit juice amongst others. The red enzymes from apple, tomato and carrot juice contain antioxidants to protect hair against environmental stressors. A small portion of hydrolysed keratin is also used in the making of this hair oil, which is great because since not much of it is used, your hair doesn’t turn brittle. Hydrolysed keratin, when used in a small amount, actually moisturises hair and keeps it safe from heat when you style it.


To use it, I pump it twice and apply it through my towel-dried or dry hair and then comb through it afterwards. It immediately helps in untangling my tresses and my hair feels sleeker and smoother. It’s like the Tangle Teezer but in liquid form. It doesn’t weigh my hair down either, as do a lot of hair oils in the market. It has a light Rougeria Rose scent on it but it doesn’t linger on after application. The best part is that it is affordable and you can find it at any Watsons store in Singapore.


Should you get this? Well, I’ll just say that I have finally found my Holy Grail when it comes to hair care!


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