Tip of the Day: How to Survive the Festive Season

by Roxanne C.


How to Survive the Festive Season


Christmas may be over but there’s still the end of the year – and the start of the new one – that we’ve yet to celebrate. If you need some advice on how to survive the festive season, I may have some pointers to help you out.


1.Stay away from alcohol.

OK maybe not all of it, especially if you normally reach for a glass of champagne out of habit. But know your limits and avoid getting drunk. When you wake up the next morning without a hangover, you’ll thank me – and your self control – for it.


2. Get enough rest the night before.

You’ll want to be awake for the countdown, so you’ll need energy to last the day. ‘Nuff said.


3. Keep your tummy and heart filled.

What is the holiday season without good food and great company? Gather those closest to you and just hang out and enjoy one another’s company. Even if it’s just one other person and some really good pizza, at least your last day of the year would be meaningful and warm. If none of you can cook well, there are many companies out there that offer catering services for this time of the year. Don’t miss out!


4. Be positive.

This year may have been hard on you, but the start of a new year is always an opportunity for things to change for the better. Use this time to reflect on how things have been these past 12 months and come up with a list of how you can make your life better. Envision what you wish your life were like and begin from there. Things don’t have to be complicated, as even simple tweaks to your life can result in big changes. Of course, you need to stick to them throughout the new year.


5. Disconnect from social media.

I don’t think I need to say this again, since I’m sure you’ve heard this sentence before. Disconnect to connect, you must – in true blue Yoda speak. Don’t let technology steal this moment away from you. It’s a time for you to enjoy and just soak in the atmosphere. In any case, you won’t experience this for another year so you might as well make the most of it now.


So there you have it. 2015 has been a crazy year for me in a good way, and I wish 2016 will be much better, if not the same. And for you, I hope all your wishes will come true.


Happy new year,