Feature: The New Times Bookstore at Waterway Point, Singapore

by Roxanne C.


Times Waterway Point Singapore


With the rise of electronic books comes the inevitable demise of real, tangible books that allow you to feel the pages as you flip them over. If you’re a book lover like me, your heart must have been chipped away bit by bit with news of bookstores closing down and moving out in the past few years. Libraries are almost a salvation but nothing beats having a hard cover that you can truly call your own. That’s why when stores like Times expand and launch a new branch, it’s pretty much a celebration.


The new Times store is located at Waterway Point and although it’s quite far off for many people, at least those of you living there will have something to look forward to. Not only is this branch large and spacious, it also features exclusive children’s and lifestyle sections.


Kids will love the children’s section because where else will you be welcomed by a princess and a knight – in his shining armour, no less – and find soft, fluffy ladybirds to lean on while you explore the worlds of magic? Activity books and toys will serve not only to entertain the young, but also educate them in a fun way.


My favourite part of the store is the lifestyle section, where you’ll find things like Jamie Oliver’s kitchenware (oh, those gorgeous tins for storing garlic), aromatherapy tools and even cushions for your couch (I mean, with Netflix, it’s something you probably need). The space can also be converted to host workshops, such as cooking demonstrations and arts & craft sessions.


Times Waterway Point Singapore

A little something for your couch.


Times Waterway Point Singapore

The lifestyle section with loads of goodies.


Times Waterway Point Singapore

The lifestyle section when converted into a workshop area.


Times Waterway Point Singapore

Take your pick at the magazine rack.


I tried looking for some books on fashion and beauty but sadly couldn’t find many. The only two that caught my eye were the classic “How to be Parisian” by Anne Berest and Caroline de Maigret and “Ciaté Book of Nail Style” by Charlotte Knight. I guess you’ll have to depend on the magazines for more stuff in this genre. I ended my visit with a purchase of a thick lined journal from Paperluxe, a brand which was previously recommended by my sister for its luxurious feel of the paper in it (plus the leatherette flexi hard covers). I know, #bookworm.


Anyhow, do check out this new outlet the next time you’re at Waterway Point, especially to take a look around the lifestyle section.  It’s located at 83 Punggol Central, Waterway Point, #02-19, S828761. If you do, I’d love to know what you end up getting from the store.


Keep alight the passion of reading,