The Relationship Between Lipstick and I

by Roxanne C.


We're closer than you think.

We’re closer than you think.


If you’ve been following me, you might know how sensitive my lips are. They get all weirded out when I put on a lipstick, lip stain, lip gloss or even lip balm that they don’t like, and I’ll end up with lots of tiny bumps that start around the perimeter. That’s why when I find a brand of lip products that don’t cause me to break out and go all cray-cray, you can bet that I’m sticking with that brand for as long as forever.


Just over the past few days, I mentally went through my entire collection of lipsticks and realised to my utter dismay that I currently only wear about 10% of them. The other 90%? All test subjects, either given by companies for review purposes or bought with my own money on a whim. Oh, thank God for the really kind Tom Ford counter sales assistants who very nicely allowed me to give their lippies a go before I decided if I wanted to buy them.


{Disclaimer: Whether a lipstick worked on me or not isn’t revealed in my blog reviews, regardless of whether they are self-bought, because eczema is different for everybody and if it doesn’t work for me, it might still work on you. If it works for me, it might not for you. To each his own. All other aspects of the lip products, such as longevity and pigmentation, are as stated though.}


So, reflecting on my abysmal collection of lipsticks, I ended up buying a Sara Happ limited edition lip set, a Julie Hewett lipstick from the Noir Collection and a L’Oreal Pure Amaranthe lipstick. All within the span of less than 24 hours. Yep, that’s right. I’m so poor now.


I tweeted a couple of times how much I had to stop – and for now I have. But that got me thinking about why I even had the need to get those lippies (no, seriously, it was a need). And then I realised, that I just cannot live without them. And this is why.


First, lipsticks give me a look when I have none. I can have a face with nothing on but foundation, blush and brow powder and a lipstick is the simplest and fastest way to complete a look. Whatever look I end up with depends on that one colour and finish of lipstick I use. On days when I feel happy, I use a light, glossy, shimmery shade, maybe to express how floaty and airy I’m feeling that day. On days when I feel like Don Corleone, I wear something a bit bolder, like a hot pink or red shade. And when I’m The Bride in Kill Bill, oh I bring out the shade that makes everyone a wee bit hesitant to speak with me (because I really don’t want to snap at people). Needless to say, I’ve never worn this last shade to work – yet.


Chair on Beach

On days like this, colour. Colour is all I need.


Crazy waterfall

And when it looks like a crazy mess inside, my lipstick shows it too.


Second, people react to me differently when I have on different lipstick shades (which match my mood for the day). I find it a highly efficient way to let others know if it’s a good time to be speaking with me, or what they could be saying. It’s just somehow wired into our brains that we act differently when we see different colours. This saves me so much time and effort from explaining how I I feel, and I have more control in the direction of conversations without all the fluffy chatter.


Third, buying lipstick is such a therapeutic process. Monsieur Lauder might – or might not – have been on to something when he coined the lipstick index. Regardless of that, buying lipstick is an anti-depressant and a great way to de-stress. I mean, I now own some unique colour that never existed in my beauty wardrobe before, and this colour is going to be on me! I worked hard for this, and now I’m going to enjoy it.


I can’t deny that when I do have a look, lipstick does complete it. It boosts my mood, and I can’t say it any better. I love experimenting with different looks from time to time, and I love how we have so many different types of something that only has one task. I’m not sure if you’re aware of it, but have you ever noticed something amiss when you have a portrait of yourself taken, but can’t quite put your finger on what it is? It might just be your lip colour – or lack thereof. Treat it as part of your outfit, and you’d be picture perfect.


Pucker on,