Link Love: The Makeup Artist Interview Bible

by Roxanne C.


Marble Bathroom

I’d die to have a bathroom like Bobbi Brown’s.


So the weekend is coming but it isn’t near enough yet. And the last thing you need right now is to see how amazing someone’s home looks like while you slog your days away with no end in sight – and with no granite counter top to aim for.


But that’s OK. Because almost everybody who has that luxurious granite counter top worked their asses off for it. And in today’s Link Love blog entry, I’m sharing 9 interviews with makeup artists who are at the top of their game. Find out how they have gotten where they are now and the tips they give to everybody else like us.


Makeup Artist Interviews - Laced Ivory


1. One of my favourite makeup artists, Julie Hewett, shares with Veronica from The Look by V the inspiration behind her Noir Collection of lipsticks.

2. Pat McGrath talks about her sold-out, ever-so-popular new Gold 001 with the TBS crew on The Blonde Salad.

3. Scott Barnes talks about his book, Face to Face, on FSHN Magazine. He also shares a little on what makes a woman glow.

4. Bridget from Cosmopolitan lets us in on Gucci Westman’s 10 makeup tips.

5. Read this lengthy home interview of Bobbi Brown by Into the Gloss, and see snaps from Bobbi’s own home. She shares her favourite beauty products too.

6. Monika Blunder shares with Cosmopolitan how having mentors and good connections can help in a career.

7. Lauren at News gets Francois Nars to reveal something about his French Polynesian island. You read that right.

8. YouTube guru and makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, shares with Tyler from Fashionista the significance of believing in yourself, achieving success and yet still remaining down to earth.

9. Charlotte Tilbury shares with Faith at Byrdie what it took for her to propel her indie beauty brand to fame.


It’s a long list but I sat through reading all of these interviews – and more- and can’t be more inspired by them. Most people don’t see the hard work and years of effort it takes to achieve success. Sometimes, luck plays a role but luck is simply opportunities that you grab if you really want something. Forming sincere, genuine relationships with people is the basis of realising your goal, so don’t waste time with toxic people. And of course, do whatever it takes to get you to where you want to be.


You know that thing which you’ve been meaning to do but keep putting off for one reason or another? I hope this blog entry has helped you to see that you can do it today.


Procrastinate no more,



Image credit: Into the Gloss